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Engraving Vs Etching

Here at Wedding Glasses by Groovy Glass we often are asked what is the difference between laser engraving and etching.  There is a distinct difference.  Laser engraving is a computer generated process which has a beam of light (laser) that essentially drills into the product to remove the top layer.  You often find that with laser engraving the surface is rough to touch and and the design can appear uneven.  Etching however is a manual process and we use a film stencil which we develop your required image and the area to be etched is sand blasted.  The etching result whilst more manual gives you a much more clearer and soft satin finish.  Etching is also 100% permanent and will not come off the item.  Below is an image of a laser engraved design and also an etched design you can see the visual difference.


Engraved Vs Etching


We pride ourselves here at Groovy Glass on our quality of etching that is why we are happy to offer our Pricing Guarantee.  If you can provide a quotation for the same product and our price is more please email us to discuss and if we can we will promise to better your quote.    Please email us sales@groovyglass.com.au please provide contact details or simply call us on 03 8795 7591

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